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  • Tom is a field manager of a large company. He has a beautiful family, a nice home and is proud of his status. But one day he is betrayed by his friend and loses his job.

    Tom’s wife, Cathy, tries to support Tom but he just gets drunk every day. At last Cathy gets fed up with Tom and leaves with his daughter, Mary. Tom realizes that even though he had lost his job, he was still happy because he had his family.

    While struggling to get back on his feet, Tom remembers his old dream, to be a painter. He starts to pursue his old dream and discovers he must fight to get his family back.
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    Tom Winfield
    (Tim Kaiser)
    Cathy Winfield
    (Erika Hoveland)
    Mary Winfield
    (Sophie Bolen)
    Daniel Ransome
    (Tim Rugg)
    (In Order Of Appearance)
    (Hailey Hayward)
    (Mia Loring Ivory)
    (Nia Sophia Kepes)
    Peter Brown
    (David Roetman)
    Scott Green
    (Kevan McDaniel)
    Greg Mullan
    (Frank Stevens)
    HR manager #1
    (Donald G. McIntyre)
    HR manager #2
    (Peter Morelli)
    Nancy Gyllenhaal
    (Anita S. Farrar)
    Mick Kendrick
    (Dustin Terrell)
    Jolly Hopkins
    (Luc Robert Poirier)
    Painting Teacher
    (Misty August)

    (Ritsuko Shudo)
    (Robert Flowers)
    (Ed Villa)
    (Clarke Bradley Mason)
    Taiko Player #1
    (Brian Sole)
    Taiko Player #2
    (Mayumi Sole)
    Taiko Player #3
    Taiko Player #4
    Business man
    (Wayne Moy)
    Career Woman
    (Tamika Brown)
    Dr. Salty
    (Patrick R. O'Lear)
    Museum Staff
    (Ryan Genther)
    Contest Staff
    (Aiden Salloum)
    (Marc Bowers)
    Amanda Monroe
    (Amberlyn Plath)
    Business man
    (Anthony McNeil)

    Daniel's mother
    (Sherri Semine)
    Young Daniel
    (Jackson Cooper)
    Kid #1
    (Alaina Accetta)
    Kid #2
    (Ashley Spencer)
    Kid #3
    (Anna Bruce)
    Kid #4
    (Emily Bruce)
    Kid #5
    (Bernadette Kathryn)
    Kid #6
    (Liah Halbert)
    Kid #7
    (Jenacy Cardwell)
    Kid #8
    (Kayleigh Ann Rienas)
    Kid #9
    (Tamara Mechael)
    (Casey Spaulding)
    (Pamela Bond)
    (Bluce Bond)
    (Kimberly August Bradley)
    (Brian G Walsh)

    Sexy Gal #1
    (Jennifer Poccia)
    Sexy Gal #2
    (Jessica Macomber)
    (Gretchen Diver)
    (Copeland Diver)
  • Crew

    Directed & Produced by : Noriko M Kambara
    Associate Producer : John Price
    Paintings : Misty August
    Compositor : Michiyo Kikuchi
    Colorist : Terumi Ohashi
    Colorist : Michiyo Kikuchi
    Background Artist : Sherif Massoud
    Background Artist : Terumi Ohashi
    Epk Camera : Naoko Taguchi
    Production Assistant : Naoko Taguchi
    Production Assistant : Ashley Parker
    Story/Original Music/Cinematography/
    Edited/Visual Effects by : Noriko M Kambara
    Thanks to : Brian Walsh, Fumiko D'Arcy, Noah D'Arcy
    Yuki Awano, Ken Strine, Ron Williams, Christina Papazian
    Carolyn Sirian, Ryuji Matsumura
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  • Misty August

    In this movie, many paintings appear. The artist who painted these beautiful paintings is Misty August (Ms. Nancy August). She has been a professional artist for over 50 years. Her previous prize-winning paintings have been: portraits, landscapes, seascapes, locomotives, airplanes, wildlife, animals and murals. She has mastered all medias and paint all subjects...a little something for everyone.

    She was a former Vice-President of the Jackson Civic Art Association and former member of the Southwestern Watercolor Society and belonged to many other clubs throughout the state of Michigan. She has many paintings on display and has had numerous art exhibits throughout the United States.

    She was commissioned to paint three portraits of the Detroit Tigers: "Willie Horton", "Dave Rozema" and "Alan Trammell" and also a painting of the Detroit Tiger's Stadium as a fund raiser to try and save the stadium.

    She was also commissioned by the United States Navy to paint portraits of the Nuclear Submarine USS Darter-576 for the crew, and then many different versions of this submarine later. She was then commissioned by the United States Fleet Ballistic Missile Base in Charleston, South Carolina to paint a portrait of the SSBN-598 George Washington for the new base. The USS Darter-576 was a sister ship of the SSBN-598 George Washington, and it was truly an honor to be able to do these paintings.

  • "This film is a very important one from several points of view. It is a - a must see for a wide range of people whether they are governmental, military, business professionals, journalists, academics, retirees or students. This film covers a wide range of contemporary issues and topics as well as covering historical and cultural contexts and perspectives. "
    R. Mallory Starr
    Director, Sequoia Presidential Yacht Group LLC
    President, US Asian Cultural Academy
    "There are quite a lot of people face dismissal like the lead character in a hostile economic environment. This story tells us even if we have a hard time, have lost love and are jobless, we have unlimited potential no matter how old we are, and we can make dreams come true."
    Takashi Ohde
    Japan Commerce Association of Washington DC Foundation, Inc.

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