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October 11, 2013

Baby Boomers Make Their Dreams Come True After Corporate Life - Believe Again, and Make It Happen

More baby boomers are facing old age. Do you have a retirement plan? What do you plan to do after corporate life? Here is a man who made his dreams come true in a new life after his retirement. The man, Tim Kaiser, became an actor and appeared in 21 films for 2 years. read more

October 11, 2013

Michigan Made Movie "BELIEVE AGAIN" has been released on DVD

The DVD of Novi made movie entitled "BELIEVE AGAIN" has been released. "BELIEVE AGAIN" made theatrical debut last March, and it was selected at International Family Film Festival in Hollywood in May. read more

October 9, 2013

映画「Believe Again」の日本人女性監督 神原典子さん 特別インタビュー

日本人女性監督による映画「Believe Again」DVDの販売がスタートした。監督のみならず、撮影、脚本、音楽を担当した神原典子(Noriko M Kambara)さんがミシガン在住中にミシガンを舞台に製作した映画である。神原さんは2013年5月に催されたハリウッドの国際映画祭(International Family Film Festival)にも正式紹待された。作曲が本業であり、IT業界で働いていた経歴を持つ神原さんにとって... read more

September 9, 2013

日本人女性監督によるミシガン映画 「Believe Again」DVD発売

この9月、映画 「Believe Again」 のDVDが発売される。映画「Believe Again」は、今年3月に地元ミシガンで劇場公開され、5月にハリウッドの国際映画祭(International Family Film Festival)にも正式紹待された、純日本人女性監督による作品だ。 「逆境に立つ人達を勇気付けたくてこの映画を作りました」と語るのは監督、脚本、音楽を担当した神原典子(Noriko M Kambara)氏。神原氏がミシガンに来たのは2009年の冬。ミシガンが映画産業に力を入れ始めた時だった。神原氏は、ある時、インターン先の映画製作会社で... read more

March 1, 2013

Locally produced film 'Believe Again' will have metro Detroit debut Saturday

"Believe Again", a locally produced feature film about faith and the human spirit, will make its metro Detroit debut Saturday morning. "Believe Again" is the story of a successful businessman (played by Tim Kaiser) who loses his family, job and home but comes to realize, as Kasier explains in the film's trailer, that "there’s still hope." Director Noriko Kambara says in the press release for the film that she was inspired to make "Believe Again" soon after she moved to Michigan... read more

February 25, 2013

Troy Actor Shows Everyone Has Unlimited Potential Regardless of Age

Pinemotion Entertainment will release a Michigan made movie titled "BELIEVE AGAIN" on March 2, 2013. The story was inspired by the realty that there were a lot of older people who were forced into unexpected retirement in Michigan. The story is about an older man who is forced into unexpected retirement but finds his old dreams, and tries to make it come true. The director, Noriko M Kambara, said... read more

February 24, 2013 - Observer & Eccentric

Film Tells Tale of Abandoned Family Dog

Noriko Kambara of Novi grew up with birds and hamsters in her Japanese home, but it was 50 mice that sparked her spirit of animal advocacy. "At that time I worked for a laboratory and a very stupid doctor made the mice breed too much and then said it's too much, so throw them away. So I secretly gathered those mice and took them to my house. My parents were so surprised, but we took care of them."
Kambara brings that same sense of animal stewardship to her short film, Abandoned Buddy, a fictional story based on the plight of pets abandoned in foreclosed homes... read more

February 22, 2013 - Royal Oak Patch

Japanese Director Made a Film to Change the Perception of Michigan

Director Noriko Kambara, a Japanese native living in Michigan, has made a feature film entitled "BELIEVE AGAIN", showcasing the beauty of the state of Michigan.
This Michigan-made film was officially selected at 18th International Family Film Festival in Hollywood, CA. Director Kambara arrived in Michigan in... read more

February 20, 2013 - Novi Patch

Indie Film Shows Pets Left Behind to Die in Foreclosed Homes

Pinemotion Entertainment based in Novi will release a Michigan made movie titled "ABANDONED BUDDY" on March 2, 2013. The film is based on the tragedy of pets left behind to die in foreclosed homes. According to Reality Trac, there were 1.8 Million U.S. properties with foreclosure filings in 2012. People who are forced out often leave their pets behind in foreclosed properties without food, water or the comforts of a temperature-controlled environment. The pets suffer from hunger and thirst, then die. Even if the pets are left with some food and water, they will face hell after finishing it... read more